Saturday, 19 February 2011

Who, What, When, Where, How, Which?

Well, until I figure out what exactly I plan to do on this thing, a few random posts will have to do to get me into the habit of posting shiny gubbins here. To start with, in an idea shamelessly half-inched from Warren Ellis, a bit about me;

My name is G A McKnight, I'm a burgeoning comic creator in East Belfast, though trying to balance that out with the cruel indignities of a real job. Not cricket, I know, but my bills are annoyingly stubborn in their selfish refusal to pay themselves. In comics terms I'm focussed on short form comedy pieces, being put together with a mate of mine, which we hope to be selling soon in The Black Box in Belfast, though there may be a possibility of using the intertubes to sell it if we can get enough people to think it's a good idea. Though the cost of getting them drunk enough to do that may make it counter-productive.

That's it for a start, when I have found a point, Ill let you know. Now, I shall do bed.

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